Prepaid Mastercard®


How do I get my prepaid Mastercard?

A prepaid Mastercard is the easiest way to shop online or offline and pay for your purchases safely and conveniently. To sign up for your Papaya Prepaid Mastercard card register on our website by entering your contacting details and opening eWallet. Once the account is active, you will then need to Unlock Product Limits. Once approved, order a new product on the dashboard – choose Virtual or Physical card. To order a Personalised Physical Card, an eWallet account has to have a sufficient balance to cover the card fee – €15. We will send you your personalised card to your address in 7 to 10 working days.

A prepaid Mastercard for every occasion

Whether you’re going to use your Prepaid Mastercard to buy everyday items, make bill payments or for a special occasion, a prepaid card that fits the bill whatever the occasion. Your Papaya Card can be reloaded with more money if you run out of funds. You’ll never miss out on a bargain again!

Is my prepaid Mastercard accepted in the same way as my normal credit card?

Yes! Mastercard is accepted by millions of retailers worldwide and all the major online shopping outlets. With your prepaid card you can buy with confidence wherever you may be and benefit from the advantages of a secure and flexible no-cash payment option. When you register for your prepaid card you can also be protected from unauthorised purchases if your card is lost or stolen. This makes prepaid cards an ideal companion when going for a shopping spree abroad, or filling up your shopping cart online from the comfort of your home.

Register now for your Papaya Card on our website and start buying with confidence today.


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