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The ideal solution for individuals and companies. The Papaya eWallet enables you to shop, send and receive money instantly. It is similar to a bank account but without banks and banks fixed hours. The Papaya eWallet is an online prepaid account where you can stock your money to be used when required. It is like your physical wallet but in a safe and secure place.


piggy2Register and activate your Papaya eWallet: it`s free!

Money transfers are FREE!!!
Transfers are safe, thanks to the security pin, and only an email address is required.

How can I make use of my Papaya eWallet?

  • Top-up your Papaya Prepaid Mastercard®: Transfer money from your Papaya eWallet to your Papaya Card.
  • Online Shopping: The Papaya eWallet is one of the best and safest ways to shop online in various ecommerce sites integrated to Papaya.
  • Send money to anyone: Transfer money from your eWallet to another, send money to whoever you want in total freedom.
  • Receive money: use your eWallet to receive money, instantly and you can see your new balance, right away.


Money transfers in just a few clicks!

See your balance in real time, transfer any amount you want, to anyone, anywhere, from your eWallet to another eWallet. The transfer is instant.

1. Register: Open a Papaya account if New to Papaya. Log in if you already have an account.


2. Choose the Beneficiary: Enter the beneficiary`s email address, the amount and the currency.


3. Confirm and submit: Click Submit. Both of you, will receive a confirmation of the transaction done, via e-mail.


4. Transfer:  The beneficiary receives the money from your Papaya account instantly.

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