Loading Channels

With our Loading Channels you can add money to your Papaya eWallet or Card in a variety of ways. Click on the links below to find out which method is the easiest for you.

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Loading Channels - Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer

The bank is one of the easiest ways to transfer money into your eWallet (Work only in EUR and from accounts in SEPA region).



Online Bank transfer:
Credit the account of:
Papaya Ltd
Reference number:
Your 9/10 digit reference number
Clears: 2 business days
Fee: Free

Loading Channels - Credit or debit Card

Credit or debit card

Top up your eWallet with the debit/credit cards of the most popular international circuits.


Clears: instantly
Fee: 5{3ac4f3c01136209fad6686249b6cc59b1eee863e7e053d9de6e28937fd2f86f0} online with €0.25c transaction fee
Top-up limits:
€150 per load, three loads per day
€500 weekly limit
€2,000 monthly limit
To load:
Papaya eWallet with the debit/credit cards.
Please provide the amount that you would like to load and your Portal Pin (the 6 digit number that was sent to you upon registration).
For more details view the tutorials.

Loading Channels - ewallet to papaya card

eWallet to Papaya Card

Topup your Papaya Card using your eWallet quickly and easily.

Clears: instantly
Fee: Free
To load:
If you have activated an eWallet Papaya you can transfer and receive money at any time within the Papaya system.
For more details view the tutorials.