Corporate Fees & Limits

  • eWallets
  • Account opening

    Unlimited balance

  • Receiving money into eWallet from:

    Bank Transfer

  • Sending money to:

    Papaya eWallet

    Redemption fee

  • Corporate Clients


    2% excluding third party fees

eWallet Limits

Maximum total balance
Minimum initial load value

Other fees may apply. Please read the Terms & Conditions

  • Corporate Cards
  • Initial card fee

    Physical Card

    Mailing of the card where applicable

  • Physical Card Replacement Fee

  • Load a Papaya card from:

    Bank transfer

    Own eWallet

    Third-party eWallet

  • Transaction Fee (Outgoing)
  • Foreign exchange fee on relevant purchase
  • ATM Withdrawal (locally)
  • ATM Withdrawal (Internationaly)
  • Chargeback processing
  • Card Monthly Management Fee
  • Corporate Clients 

    € 15.00

  • € 6.00

  • N/A

  • € 0.25
  • 3%
  • € 2.00
  • € 2.00
  • € 25.00
  • € 1.00

Corporate Card Limits

Papaya Corporate Card

Maximum single load value
Maximum total balance
Maximum Annual Load limit
Maximum Monthly Load limit
Maximum Daily Load limit
Minimum initial load value
Maximum number of single loads per day
Maximum number POS transactions allowed
Maximum value POS transactions allowed
Maximum card balance
Maximum number of ATM withdrawals
2 per day
Maximum value of ATM withdrawals
€ 1,000 per day
Maximum load value by Credit/Debit Card
ATM withdrawals internationally

Other fees may apply. Please read the Terms & Conditions

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