Papaya Corporate Solution

Convenience, flexibility and security

Companies want to eliminate cumbersome payment processes and overheads while increasing convenience, flexibility and security.


The Papaya Corporate Solution is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes by providing a streamlined solution for business expenses, travel and employee incentives and fleet programs.

Better than cheques, safer than cash

Just load funds and track all your purchases for supplies, travel and entertainment and issue cards to your employees whilst enjoying all the services and benefits of Mastercard®.

Benefits of the Papaya Corporate Solution for business

Cost effective

A single program to administer and maintain

Saves time

Easy to implement solutions for business of any size

Increases internal efficiency when compared to traditional cash and cheque management processes

Global acceptance offline and online

Our cards can be used wherever the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed

Comes with a secure online eWallet account

Accessible 24/7