What is an e-wallet?

As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping to buy goods and services, an e-wallet is fast becoming a necessity for people wanting to make online payments safely and conveniently. An e-wallet is simply a free online prepaid account in which you deposit a certain amount of funds and use them to make payments or purchases at participating retailers by means of  Papaya e-wallet integration.

Obtaining a Papaya Electronic wallet.

It is easy, free and unlimited to obtain an Electronic Wallet from Papaya.  You can deposit and transfer as much funds as you like! You can also use it to pay securely at the check-out stage, online, or even transfer money to someone, anywhere in the world, instantly. Besides using it to buy items, one can also use it to receive payments from other sources and later cash out the funds by transferring them to your bank account. By using it in conjunction with prepaid cards, your money in your virtual wallet will be instantly available on your card.

The advantages of our e-wallet.

The most obvious advantage of a Papaya e-wallet is that it lets you make payments online with the peace of mind that you are protected from online fraud or theft. With this product you won’t need to input details of your bank account, so privacy is always guaranteed. Rather, you sign into your account and make a payment using the funds available in it. It is an ideal method to manage your money better and control the amount of money you spend. To top up the funds simply transfer the money electronically or deposit cash at the Papaya Shop.

Secure and convenient payments.

The Papaya E-Wallet enables you to make online payments conveniently and securely. You will have positive control and can send and receive money instantly even from remote places without any complications. Your transactions through this process will be safe, private and unlimited.

Flexibility, security and convenience. Get your free Papaya e-wallet now.